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7. Microwave Synthesis of Nd1 -x Ca x CoO 3 Nanopowders as Cathode Material for IntermediateTemperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Pages 49-56

M. Rajasekhar a *, A. Subramania b and S. Muzhumathai c


Nd 1-x Ca x CoO 3 (x=0.1,0.2, 0.3,0.4 and0.5) nanopowders   were synthesized by amicrowave assisted combustion method using Neodymium(III)nitrate, calcium(III)nitrate, cobalt(II)nitrate and aspartic acid(fuel) in a domestic microwaveoven with an optimized   irradiation timeof 50min. This process remarkably reduced the synthesis time to obtain Nd 1-x Ca x CoO 3 very quickly. The crystalline structure of Nd 1-x Ca x CoO 3 nanopowders was confirmed by X-ray diffraction.   The average crystallite size was determinedfrom X-ray line broadening analysis by using the Scherer equation. The particlesize was determined by TEM analysis. The structural morphology of thesynthesized product was observed by SEM studies. The electrical conductivitystudies revealed that Nd 0.6 Ca 0.4 CoO 3 possessedthe maximum electrical conductivity of around 445 Scm -1 at 500ºCwhich was determined from dc-four probe method.

Keywords: Nd 1-x Ca x CoO 3 ; Microwave synthesis; IT-SOFC;Thermal expansion co-efficient; Electrical conductivity

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