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6. Functional Annotation of Hypothetical ORFs in Chromosome 1 of the Human Genome


Functional Annotation of hypothetical ORFs is an important process in understanding the molecular mechanism of any organism especially Humans. Moreover, when these hypothetical ORFs are conserved in other organisms, it gives a clue that it is functionally important. Also, the coding potential of the hypothetical ORFs need to be confirmed before assigning any function to it. This work calculates the coding potential of the hypothetical ORFs present in chromosome 1 of the Human Genome and then predicting its function. Currently, there are 71 ORFs in human chromosome 1 described as ‘Hypothetical’ in NCBI. All of these are coding except two ORFs which has a weak potential to be coding. These hypothetical ORFs are analyzed both at protein and nucleotide level and later assigned functional category as per COG or SCOP. This attempt to annotate the 72 Hypothetical ORFs in Human Chromosome 1 has resulted in assigning function to 51 of them and inspite of several approaches could not assign functions to 21 of them.

Keywords: Functional Annotation; Hypothetical ORF; Human Genome; Chromosome 1

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