Published by: Smart Academy, London, UK. ISSN: 2055-7531 (Print) ISSN: 2055-754X (Online)

11. Analytical Expressions of EntropyGeneration in a Variable Viscosity Fluid Flow using the Homotopy Perturbation Method

Pages 63-70

R.Thenmozhi, C. Chowmiya and V. Ananthaswamy*


The present work investigates analytically in a variable viscosity liquid flow steadily through two concentric cylindrical pipes withconvective cooling at the pipe surface. By Newton’s cooling law, outer system is assumed to exchange heat with the ambient and the fluid viscosity model varies as an inverse linear function of temperature. The nonlinear governing equations in Cartesian coordinates are obtained and solved analytically using Homotopy perturbation method. The entropy generation number is computed by utilizing the velocity and temperature profiles. The effects of various physical parameters on the flow and heat transfer characteristics, as well as entropy generation rates and Bejan number, are investigated through graphs.

Keywords: Pipe flow, Variable viscosity, Entropy generation, Convective cooling, Bejan number, Homotopy perturbation method

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