Published by: Smart Academy, London, UK. ISSN: 2055-7531 (Print) ISSN: 2055-754X (Online)

Authors Desk

The aspirant authors are expected to follow the EUJAST Author Guidelines for submitting the manuscript:



Review Process

The manuscript submitted for the journal is subject to blind double review. The entire review process shall take 15 - 30 calendar days and will be intimated to the author concerned via email. Based on the recommendations given by the reviewers, the manuscript is either:

- Accepted for publication

- Accepted but modifications and corrections need to be carried out

- Out of the scope of publication 

- Rejected for publication

Note:  If a manuscript is accepted with necessary modifications and corrections based on the reviewers report, the author(s) concerned are expected to carry out the same within 2 calendar days and resubmit the article.


Publication Charges

The accepted article will be published subject to realisation of the nominal publication fee. The publication fee paid by the authors shall be utilised for website maintenance, review process, manuscript handling, printed copy of the journal, and other works associated with the publication. Thus, all the authors of accepted manuscripts are supposed to pay a publication fee of   £150. It covers online access of the published article and a print copy.


Note: Every additional author is subject to a nominal fee of £30 each which covers the journal copy. The number of authors per article should not exceed more than 5.

For payment of the publication charges visit   how to pay   section of this website.