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Author Guidelines

1. Format and Style:

The entire manuscript should follow the IEEE format. The sample template can be downloaded at

2. Manuscript Structure:

The manuscript should contain title of the article, author (s) name and affiliation, email, phone number, abstract, key words, main text,tables, diagrams and references.

Abstract of the article should not exceed 150 words.

Main text of the article should not exceed 4000 words and it can follow the following headings and sub-headings wherever applicable:


II.Review of Literature


- Research Design

- Sampling Frame

- Collection of Data

- Period of Study

- Tools used for Analysis 

IV.Analysis and Interpretation (with Tables & Figures)

V.Findings of the Study

VI.Implications of the Study

VII.Scope for Further Research



3. Review Process:

The manuscript submitted for the journal is subject to blind double review. The entire review process shall take 15 - 30 calendar days and will be intimated to the author concerned via email. Based on the recommendations given by the reviewers, the manuscript is either:

- Accepted for publication

- Accepted but modifications and corrections need to be carried out

- Out of the scope of publication 

- Rejected for publication

Note:  If a manuscript is accepted with necessary modifications and corrections based on the reviewers report, the author(s) concerned are expected to carry out the same within 2 calendar days and resubmit the article.